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      Xue Heng

      Hi, Steve.
      I learned US findings of STT joint arthritis the from your Webinar.
      But I never diagnosed this disease before.
      Here is a case. She was a 83-year-old female, with radio-palmar pain for about 2 months.
      I found hypoechoic lesion superfical to Scaphoid and Trapezoid bone, with increased color Doppler signal.
      But the hypoechoic lesion seemed a little too far away from the STT joint.
      Is it synovitis? Is it STT joint arthritis?
      Thank you very much, Steve.

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      Stephen Bird

      This is a classic example Xue,

      There is degenerative arthritis of the STT joint and associated synovial proliferation of the volar / radial carpus joint capsule.

      You can also see how the fCR sheath is getting thickened and there is Doppler signal in the FCR sheath and the tendon itself.

      So this pattern represents STT arthritis with associated synovitis and FCR tenosynovitis as a result of the STT arthritis.

      This is a really common pattern especially in this age group.

      Unfortunately the end stage of this is a FCR future.

      It does not look imminent in your case as the FCR tenosynovitis is not severe yet.


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      Xue Heng

      Thank you, Steve.
      Next time I can confidently diagnose the disease, STT joint arthritis.
      And I should pay more attention to the accompanying FCR tenosynovitis or rupture.
      Thank you very much.

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      Stephen Bird

      You are a star Xue.


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