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      Hi Stephen,

      Can I convince you of the attached videos and pictures that this is a morton’s neuroma. I’m always a bit in awe when I actually do see one because I scan so many that query it and I see nothing.

      Do you have any more cases with morton’s neuromas? Are they always quite obvious or is there subtle signs that we have to look out for? I also have trouble identifying the interdigital nerve sometimes, any tips?


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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Diane,

      To be honest I am not that impressed that there is much of a neuroma here.
      I do like your technique, the foot you are scanning is very thin so you are getting a great look.
      In the videos you are in the perfect spot with your transducer right between the plantar plates in the long axis with a plantar approach. Your use of a finger from the dorsal aspect is also perfect .
      What you are seeing is a small intermetatarsal bursa which is compressing when you push with your finger and the transducer. When you achieve compression you have a nerve that is slightly thickened so I think there is a degree of perineurial fibrosis, but the amount is small. So in essence I think it is a “Mortons neuroma” but a small one and I question how symptomatic it would be at this size.

      I will find some more examples of neuromas and load them onto this discussion thread for you.

      If you watch the metatarsalgia webinar you will see some examples as well.


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