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      Kim Fitzgerald

      Hey Steve,
      We’ve seen a few referrals lately for patients with ongoing pain following hernia repair
      I’m wondering if you’ve got any tips for genito-femoral nerve blocks?
      We did an ilio-inguinal nerve block last week which was straightforward, but there seems to be less literature regarding ultrasound guided genitofemoral blocks
      Thanks, Kim

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Kim,

      Yes ilioinguinal / iliohypogastric nerve blocks are fairly straight forward and it is essentially a TAP (transversus abdominus plane) block.

      The genitofemoral nerve has a genital branch which is usually the one you are after and also a femoral branch.

      The genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve can be blocked by injecting into the inguinal canal.

      The nerve runs right through the canal so we just inject adjacent to the Vas in the canal.

      The femoral branch runs in the fascia iliaca and you can target it by injecting just superficial to the femoral nerve just distal to the level of the inguinal ligament. You will be looking at a typical short axis image you use for iliopsoas assessment.



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