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      Kali Fabiatos

      Are all bony erosions seen on ultrasound of the shoulder considered Hill Sachs deformities ? Or is there a difference?

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Kali,

      There are many reasons why you can have a bony erosion in a shoulder.
      Hill Sachs deformity is a specific example where the glenohumeral joint subluxes, allowing the humeral head to move anteriorly and then crash against the anterior rim of the bony glenoid. This collision results in a compression fracture in the back of the humeral head near where the infraspinatus insertion is. It also commonly takes a chip off of the anterior glenoid, which is known as a Bankart lesion.

      I did a case of the week ago a while back which explored Bankart lesions that you can take a peek at.

      So Hill Sachs is very specific.

      There are many other causes of “erosions” in the bone around the shoulder. The case of the week I have just published called “A chink in the armour” explores some options.
      I am about to publish a larger webinar called “What is that chink in the bone” that will further explore this topic.

      I hope you enjoy them.

      Happy Scanning,

      Steve Bird

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      Stephen Bird

      Here is the link to the Bankart lesion case of the week,



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