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      Son Nguyen

      63 yr old male presented today with 3/52 mid Achilles swelling. Has reduced somewhat in the last week.
      On palpation, smaller swelling noted on contra-lateral Achilles. Multiple hyperechoic foci mid Achilles tendon away from the enthesis, similar to one of Steve’s case of the week previously described. No known hx of gout or rheumatoid Ax. He did mention some joint pain in some of his fingers.

      Is this another case of CPPD.

      Were you able to follow up on your previous case Steve?

      Let me know if these clips don’t work. I can email them to you or try converting them myself.

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      Stephen Bird

      Wow !

      What a great example.

      It looks exactly as the images in the case o the week presentation.

      I think there is only two possible explanations for this appearance.

      CPPD (which I think is most likely)

      or dystrophic calcification associated with an underlying chronic tendinosis.

      The pattern you have seen is identical to the cases I shared so whatever one is, they are all going to be the same.

      I never managed to get follow up on my cases.

      I wonder how we can prove once and for all if this is CPPD or dystrophic calcification ?


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