Stephen Bird

Hi Xue,

So nice to hear from you,

These are great quality images,

Great to see such fantastic images coming out of Beijing,

I would not expect any less from your skilful hands.

This appearance is very similar to the post below,

I see this pattern fairly commonly in a range of locations.

I see it in subscap where your example is from, I also see it in supra and most commonly infra.

The common thing with all of these examples is that the bony “erosion” is always located at exactly the point where the hyaline cartilage finishes and the enthesis begins. By definition this is where the joint capsule inserts and naturally this has an enthesis.
The “erosion” is a type of synovial herniation pit at the capsule insertion.

They are usually asymptomatic and I stumble upon them in normal volunteers and asymptomatic joints.

Great images mate,

I am missing mainland China and can’t wait for an opportunity to return,

Keep enjoying the website and please post as many of your great cases as you wish,

Happy scanning,


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