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      Dear Steve,

      I had a referral US of brachial plexus for any adhesions. The patient also has MRI booked in.

      When scanning the cervical chains, I can see the neurovascular bundle of the brachial plexus. But what do you look for exactly?

      Best regards,

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Linh,

      I agree, the roots are easy to observe and follow through the neck from their origins passing between the anterior and middle scalene muscles and towards the axilla.
      I have never been able to demonstrate adhesions reliably with ultrasound so I would think the referral is not ideal with the MRI being more useful.
      I have seen nerve sheath tumours, post radiotherapy fibrosis and post trauma changes in the brachial plexus but adhesions I have not.
      The problem I have with brachial plexus ultrasound in my hands is that the process of following the anatomy is fun and easy but making a positive diagnosis with ultrasound of pathology is more difficult in my hands at least.
      Others may have a different opinion,


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      Thanks Steve. The MRI was normal so my senior was more confident calling it normal. I guess we can only exclude certain things like nerve sheath tumour and state the limitation of US when writing our reports.

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      Stephen Bird

      Yes, I agree,

      The brachial plexus is a fascinating area to scan in terms of the anatomy but I am still skeptical about the use of ultrasound for diagnosing subtle neural oedema or adhesions etc.

      This is a work in progress for me and has been for many years with to be honest not much progress being made!

      I am still keen to earn more about ultrasound being used to diagnose brachial plexus neuritis / adhesions etc.


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