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      Samuel Katumba

      Hi Steve,
      An Asian woman,34yrs presented with 3 swellings on her head but the one of concern was the largest roughly at the border of occiput and parietal bones centrally. She complained loosing hair at each point of swelling.
      Have you met this lesion? How would you go about it?

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      Stephen Bird

      No erosion of the calvarium,

      No internal flow,

      I think a pilomatricoma is my first thought.

      These scalp lesions are often a bit non specific on ultrasound and a biopsy may provide the ultimate answer,

      But I think pilomatricoma is a goos first option.

      It can also be spelt pilomatrixoma.

      Mire common in females, often multiple.

      They arise from the hair follicle.


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