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      Good Morning. I would like to aquire a few new up to date text books for our department, and I was hoping for you guidance as to what you think is best. We have a broad spectrum of examinations performed in Deewhy, msk and obstetrics included. I would be most appreciative of you thoughts.
      Kind regards

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Alison,

      for anatomy I still like the Netter book, however the I-pad app is even better than the hard copy book.

      For MSK you still can’t go past the Martinoli and Bianchi MSK book,

      For obstetrics I like Callen,

      and for general purpose I like Rumack,

      these books are always at my fingertips,

      for other niche areas i use on line searches and my collection of journal articles,



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      Petra Byrne

      Hi Alison and Steve and others,
      I have just come across a vascular text book. “Making Sense of Vascular Ultrasound: A Hands On Guide” Kenneth MYERS. (Version date 20121026) I bought a digital copy from Amazon which I now read from my IPAD through a freely downloaded Kindle App. Great practical tips for the student and experienced Sonographer. It is easy to read as most of the information is in dot form. Available in hard copy as well of course.
      I have attached a photo of the front cover of another book by STOLLER “Atlas of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine” – Large diagrams with explanations in diagram form of orthopaedic procedures as well as detailed MSK anatomy. You may either love or hate it. I do not own a copy at this stage – thinking about it. Thanks for the login Steve – this is my first post cheers Petra @ soon to be Nth Qld

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