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      Michael Shilton

      Hi Stephen. Tricky shoulder patient fell off push bike 3 weeks ago, FOOSH instant pain. Weak and restricted abduction, adduction, flexion and both internal and external rotation. I expected to find a SSP tear. I can hardly see any SSC fibres, do they rupture like this or is my scanning off? I will also x-ray this chap to see if any fractures apparent. Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks Mike.

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Mike,

      I think he may well have taken his subscap clean off !

      the mechanism of injury may well have resulted in rapid and violent external rotation which makes sense.

      Try the “lift off test” I get they can’t do it.

      plain radiographs are essential here as there was significant trauma.

      Lovely images Mike,

      I think you can see fluid where a tendon used to live,


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      Michael Shilton

      Many thanks Steve, I’m so grateful for your mentoring, it gives me confidence that I’m not making stuff up. Mike

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