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      Sandra St Cyr

      Hi Steve
      great new webinar – I absolutely loved it.
      I have a question about pacinian corpuscles – I am wondering when they are considered significant and how you would comment on them?
      I had a case today of an abscess in the dorsal aspect of D3 of a hand (prox phalanx) and there were multiple echopoor discrete solid appearing structures on the volar aspect that were not veins or arteries and did not display any vascularity. I am assuming they were pacinian corpuscles???
      Thanks Steve 🙂

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Sandy,

      It is funny, I have seen these multiple, small hypoecoic “lesions” scanning fingers many times before and I am not sure what they represent.

      I had not considered them to be pacinian corpuscles but they just might be !

      I had always assumed they were a type of fat necrosis process but have been unsure.

      It is common to observe them and I have just considered them to be part of the normal appearance spectrum.

      I wonder if they are pacinian corpuscles?

      I feel like a pacinian corpuscles should be dermal related and the structures I have observed are in the fat under the skin.

      Can you post an image so I can see if it is the same type of appearance as I have observed.


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      Sandra St Cyr

      I have an article I can send you. My MSK Rad confirmed that they were in fact pacinian corpuscles, as well as adjacent venous channels


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      Stephen Bird

      That is brilliant,

      I always wondered what those little black round things were !!

      Great article,

      Thanks so much,


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