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      Stephen Bird

      HI Mike,

      I have loaded this for you.

      HI Steve,

      is this an os acromiale, I’d never heard of them before your videos.

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Mike,

      this certainly is an os acromiale.

      The best way to look for this is to scan the AC joint in the standard way by straddling your transducer across the joint with one end on the acromion and the other on the clavicle.
      Then turn your transducer 90 degrees and slide it laterally so you are on the acromion.
      Then slide the transducer posterior and you should see a solid bone of the acromion. If you see another articulation in the acromion you have found one!


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      Michael Shilton

      Thanks for the confirmation. Your videos and this forum is a fantastic resource especially for a relative MSK newbie like myself, many thanks!

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      Stephen Bird

      I am glad you are enjoying it Michael,

      Please let your colleagues know about the resource.

      I want this to be a great melting pot of ideas.


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