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      Andrea Price

      Hi Steve and esteemed colleagues,
      At my place of work we have variation in measuring the uterus in longudinal for our volume measurement.
      I’ve always measured from the fundus to external Os as a landmark, but others measure to where they think the internal os is.
      I always thought that the cervix was anatomically part of the uterus, and also that unless there is fluid from pregnancy the internal os cannot be accurately defined, resulting in more user variation .
      Also the radiologist is debating with us about the upper limit of normal for size. Obviously it depends on the age and parity of the patient. But I’ve always taken 90-100 cc as upper limit.
      Many thanks,

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      Andrea Price

      Apologies I just found the answer in your webinar , to the ext os. Great! 👍

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      Stephen Bird

      Yes, indeed the cervix is part of the uterus so the external os is the correct location.

      I also agree 100mL is a reasonable upper limit of normal volume.

      Nice work Andrea.

      I hope you are enjoying the material.


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