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      Hi Steve,
      Thought I’d start a thread for odd looking lumps and bumps.

      Scanned this young guy recently that has a recurring lump (his third time now) at the base of the his left skull.
      I was thinking maybe necrotic lymph node but not too sure.
      Was non compressible and had very minor vascularity. NAD in the bilateral submandibular, parotid and cervical chain lymph nodes.

      Any thoughts?


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      Stephen Bird

      This thread will be interesting as there are so many little miscellaneous lumps and bumps all over the body that are hard to define.

      This one is such a case, I am not sure what the diagnosis is going to be.
      It is in the subcutaneous fat layer.

      It looks to contain fat,

      Could it simply be fat?

      It does not look typical of fat necrosis , but this should get a mention.

      AVM is another possibility, although I would not expect it to be that firm on palpation. Some AVM’s have lots of Doppler flow but others have very little.

      Ingrown hair?


      Let me know if you discover anything,


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