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      Hi Stephen,

      What is the difference in sonographic appearance of funiculitis and vasitis?

      Thank you very much!

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Ying,

      I don’t really use either terminology,

      The funicular process is an embryological remnant that is usually atritive and closed.

      Occasionally it is still open or partly open in a paediatric patient such as a patent processes vaginalis,

      Occasionally it can be partly open in an adult such as an encysted hydrocele.

      The case I suspect you are thinking about is the patient with epididymitis that is involving an encysted hydrocele. In this case I would call it “epididymitis with involvement of an encysted hydrocele” rather than funiculitis.

      The term vasitis I also don’t tend to use, although I can see why I should be tempted to. I guess all bacterial epididymitis must come down the vas so anatomically its is visits. I still just use the term epididymitis. I may also indicate what level the infection has reached, for example reaching the tail of the epididymis or reaching the body or head etc.

      I wonder if I should use the word vasitis when it has not quite reached the epididymal tail, however by calling it epididymitis everyone knows what I mean and the treatment is the same. (a good dose of weed killers)

      I like the way you think Ying,

      Very anatomically !

      Much like myself I think,

      Have a great day,


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