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      This is a badminton player.
      Video 1 showed some peritendon stuff.
      Video 2 showed doppler in LAX
      Video 3 showed doppler in SAX, I can also see retinaculum thickening.

      Is there any possibility of rheumatoid disease?
      How do differentiate between overuse and rheumatoid?


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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Ray,

      If it is rheumatoid I look for an erosion in the styloid process of the ulna,

      I can’t see one here,

      But I think I can see some crystals in the area of the TFCC,

      This is a common location for CPPD deposition,

      A plain radiograph may show CPPD in the TFCC area,

      There is certainly tenosynovitis in the ECU area and this always makes me suspicious of rheumatoid and also gout.

      A plain radiograph and a blood workup will help here.


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