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      Xue Heng

      Hi, Steve. Nice to meet you on the website. Another case for your help.
      This patient was a 49-year-old male, with medial knee pain for several months.
      I saw swelling of femoral end of MCL and cleft of medial meniscus,
      corresponding to injury of MCL and tear of medial meniscus.
      But I wonder what the echogenic lesion between MCL and medial meniscus is.
      I think the two structures are closely attach to eath other with out any other tissue.]
      Thank you for your help!

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      Stephen Bird

      Hi Xue,

      You are correct, the MCL is attached directly to the medial meniscus at the deep layer of the MCL.

      I wonder if this has become detached (menisci-capsular separation)

      The echogenic material could be some granulation tissue.

      It is shame we are so poor at these aspects of the knee.

      I will discuss your images with my MRI radiologist tomorrow.


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      Xue Heng

      Thank you, Steve. Waiting for answer from MRI radiologist.

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