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      Hi Steve!

      I had a female came in with focal pain mid posterior calf. The referral was haematoma/muscle tear/DVT

      I have 2 cine loops, long and trans attached of the med gastrocs aponeurosis area. All there was, was some focal hypoechoic thickenings… no acute tear. Would this indicate some past injury or chronic tear?
      I couldnt see any acute tears.

      Would love to have your opinion,


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      Stephen Bird

      Nice images,

      This is consistent with a previous free gastrocnemius aponeurosis tear.

      It represents some granulation / scar tissue.

      Sometimes this granulation can be quite excessive, in this case it is quite neat.

      This subject is covered in the medial calf / tennis leg material on the website as well as in ” a tale of two muscles”

      Nice work,


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