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      Katrina Jensen

      Hi Stephen.
      We are hoping you might be able to help us out with ant hip assessment. When we see thickening along the femoral neck, do you describe this as a hip joint effusion, thickening of the iliofemoral ligament or synovial thickening? Do you have a measurement you use when deciding if this is thickened? Is normal less than 7mm? Do you routinely compare to the other side? I have attached an image of a recent patient who was asymptomatic. Does this change how you describe the findings?


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      Brian Richards

      You are measuring the inferior recess of the hip joint. If there is no fluid in it and it’s anterior surface is convex then i would call it synovial hypertrophy. Compare to other side. This is usually associated with some sort of joint pathology.

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      Stephen Bird

      Yes, I agree. This is the iliofemoral ligament and there is significant synovial proliferation here. I would call this synovitis and it is usually associated with some degenerative joint condition like OA or possibly inflammatory condition like RA. Either way I think it is an abnormal appearance even if the patient is relatively asymptomatic at the time. I do not have a measurement , however once the joint capsule becomes convex relative to the femoral neck it is thick.

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