Stephen Bird

Hi Alexander,
I have never seen scar tissue act in this way for the supraspinatus tendon,
I certainly see scar tissue form as part of partial thickness tears, especially articular surface (rim rent) and intrasubstance delaminating tears.
But I have not observed large scale scar tissue formation inside full thickness tears.
Full thickness tear defects can be full of peri-bursa fat or haematoma in the acute setting, however this will be seen as a spongy area of soft tissue that will be expelled from the tear site with dynamic assessment.
I have not observed firm scar tissue replacing a tendon in a full thickness SST scenario.

I would be keen to see some images of full thickness SST tear scar in situ.

In my hands I have not seen scar tissue reconstitute the SST to “reseal” the rotator cuff and I have not observed reconstitution which prevents the flow of fluid from joint to bursa space following a full thickness tear.

None of this means it does not happen!

Just means I have not seen it.

I am very keen to see some images.


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