Stephen Bird

Hi Diane,

Interesting images.

I think the small cystic area represents a ganglion cyst arising from the joint capsule. It likely results from a small injury to the joint capsule and a little synovial fluid leaks from the capsule creating a ganglion cyst. You see similar appearances adjacent to the plantar plates in the foot and the flexor sheaths in fingers etc.
I doubt this is going to be symptomatic.

The echogenic deposit is interesting. It like like it is within the joint capsule. Did you think it was within the hyaline cartilage? My impression was that is is within the joint capsule but not in the cartilage.
It certainly looks like crystal deposition, but a very small deposit.



Could it also just be a little fat within the joint capsule or some other debris within the joint capsule synovial fluid?

I am uncertain about this one.

Again I wonder if it is significant for the patients presenting symptoms.


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