Ultrasound Assessment of Ankle Inversion Injuries

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This webinar is a great addition to the “MSK imaging fundamentals series ankle and foot”.

The ankle is a very complex joint to examine with ultrasound, making it both challenging and enjoyable.

It explores further details required for accurate assessment of inversion injuries making it a perfect presentation for the experienced practitioner wanting to add another layer of knowledge to this complex area of MSK ultrasound.

This webinar will demonstrate a methodology for comprehensive ankle assessment in patients presenting with acute inversion injuries as well as their chronic pain sequelae.

The webinar includes:

  • Detailed assessment of the ankle and sub-talar joints, ankle tendon apparatus, ankle retinacular apparatus, lateral and medial ankle ligaments.
  • A new sonographic pattern of deltoid ligament tears and antero-medial joint capsule avulsion injuries will be presented.
  • Patterns of injury expected following certain mechanisms of stress and the concept of contrecoup injuries will be discussed leading to a logical examination of a complex joint.

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