MSK Imaging Fundamentals – Forefoot

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This course covers my approach to performing a comprehensive forefoot ultrasound examination for investigation of metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia has many possible differential diagnoses which may be the cause of the symptoms.

Fortunately, ultrasound is ideally placed to investigate these conditions and with a patient focussed approach the source of the symptoms is usually determined.

The course material includes:

  • Video content where I walk through the transducer manipulation skills and patient positions required to perform an optimum examination. There is also a live scanning demonstration of a comprehensive forefoot examination.
  • Complimenting the live scanning demonstration and discussion there is a webinar style lecture which discusses a wide range of normal and pathological ultrasound appearances which you will encounter in clinical practice.
  • A complete set of downloadable PDF notes is provided for your convenient future reference.

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