Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for such a detailed reply. It took me some time to do extra reading + your answer to make sense for me.

Sural nerve wasn’t too bad for me to assess at the time but I spent a long time just trying to navigate with the peroneal nerves (I did annotate Deep and Superficial Pero nerves as I cant seem to find info on anterior tibial nerve anywhere!).

I found the superficial pero nerve at the level of the ankle (it sits in subcutaneous layer) and traces it down to either side of the 4th and 5th toes. At this point, it really is the digital nerve already with many branches. My question is: do we attempt to look for neuromas from its origin at the fibular head all the way down to the toes? If I cannot find any neuromas from ankle to toes, I shouldn’t call it NAD?

Happy New year to you Steve!


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