Stephen Bird

Hi Amanda,

Sounds like a nice case,

I would have thought a private practice would be more than ken to recommend a CT mesenteric angiogram to take a closer look. It is a great test and would have added a lot to your scan findings.

I am in Mareeba this weekend in far north Queensland teaching with the excellent group of sonos at Rural Medical Imaging. Yesterday we spoke about bowel ultrasound and around the fact that noticing a piece of echogenic mesenteric fat in the peritoneal cavity where the patient is tender is a great observation. It does not indicate a specific diagnosis, but it does cement the diagnosis that there is a bowel related issue producing the symptoms. The next logical step is to do a CT scan and this will determine if it is a case of diverticulitis, epiploic appendigitis, colitis, ileitis, appendicitis, panniculitis, bowel cancer etc.
The CT will work out which it is,
But the ultrasound puts the patient on the right diagnostic track.
It is the difference between the sonographer saying “all your organs look nice, I am not sure hat is causing your pain” and ” all your organs look nice but I can see where your pain is coming from as there is an area of inflamed fat sitting next to your bowel and with a CT scan we can work out what is causing your pain”
Such a big upgrade for the patient !

Well done Amanda,

You are a star.


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