Son Nguyen

I spoke to his physio today, physio consulted with a surgeon who was happy with conservative treatment from the physio.
Patient is back running on treadmill 4/52 post injury. Improving every week. Will be interesting to see the follow up scan.

I had another case today patient broke tib and fib water skiing 3/12 ago. Metal rod inserted into tibia. Still persistent pain and limping. Surgeon dismissed her concerns. No previous ultrasound or MRI. GP referred for x-ray and ultrasound to FI. 2 focal pain areas. 1. distal fibula near site of # 2. distal tibia location of screws

Ruptured int membrane mid lower leg to ankle. More of a classic injury for membrane rupture. Another one you can use for your case of the week.

Any tips for what to look out for at the screw location. Surrounding oedema noted.

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