Stephen Bird

Hi Paul,

I agree completely with you,

What you have here is an inappropriate referral.

Here in Australia we go so far that if a referral says “?meniscal tear” or “?cruciate injury” the government Medicare system will refuse to pay for it.

Ultrasound should not be used as a primary investigation of these pathologies.

Following up a proven MRI lesion with ultrasound is a complete waste of time.

There are occasions when I am asked to assess for example the MCL and I notice a medial meniscus is extruded, a bit patchy in texture and there may be a para meniscal cyst. In this case I would report that there is a high likelihood of a meniscal tear and recommend MRI assessment if clinically appropriate.

The role of ultrasound in the knee is fairly limited and certainly for meniscal tears it is not an appropriate test.


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