Alfredo Ferreyra

Agree! We tried to stay away from using steroids because eventually it will cause more damage than anything else. Here is the US I focus to use PRP or autologous stem cells and also stem cells derived from fat and all the places that offer this are a cash base clinics. We don’t accept insurance because they don’t cover although they are starting to cover only for Achilles. We use Emcyte kits because we have tested many PRP kits on the market doing quantitative date using a hematology analyzer , many of them are garbage specially the ones using BD vacutainers but the EMcyte kits (using 60ML) of blood we are able to get anywhere from 5 to 12X the concentration! depending on the volume the doctor wants to inject. I inject my knee IA and on the medial meniscus since I had a bucket tear and NO surgery and its been 7 months pain free and Knee is perfect, also you can see sonographic changes after three months.

anyways great talk and take care !


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