Stephen Bird

Hi Samuel,

Nice images,

Personally I think the shoulder joint and bursa are normal.

I agree there is some fluid between the humerus and the distal biceps tendon but this fluid displaces the tendon anteriorly and I don’t think it is in the LHBT sheath / GH joint.

The arm musculature is where the problem is here,

It looks like a nasty infection involving the muscles of the upper arm.

As this collection reaches the cortex of the bone an osteomyelitis needs to be a consideration,

Whatever the cause, I think sepsis and abscess formation is the answer and I don’t think the shoulder GH joint is the source but rather humeral shaft or directly in the musculature.

I imagine they will try and aspirate the abscess and culture it to find the infection source and plain radiographs of the shoulder / humerus will also be of benefit.

Very interesting case mate.

Let us know what follow up you can discover.


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