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Hi Diane,

In my experience it is a female “pelvic floor thing” as you put it,

The elevator ani is a collection of small individual muscles which make up the pelvic floor and provide support for the urethra, vagina and rectum. It may be damages during childbirth and this is when we are asked to examine the pelvic floor for assessment of cystooceles, cystourethroceles, enteroceles and rectoceles.

I use a tread perineal technique with a 3D volume acquiring convex array transducer.

I can assess for the different types of pathology using 2D scanning only, but to ascertain the integrity of the puborectalis muscle (part of the elevator ani group) which borders the lateral margin of the vagina I need to do a volume and reconstruct in the C-plane.

The images are really nice and you can measure the hiatus of the elevator ani during rest and straining.

If you would like to read more on pelvic floor I have many resources I can share with you.

I have never been asked to examine this in a male patient so that I can not help you with,

If anyone else knows about male elevator ani assessment please share your thoughts and experience on this thread.


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