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I have a lecture on the topic so I will try and record it into a webinar for you.

In my workplace we don’t perform stress tests.

I know that a paediatric sub-specialised sonographer would frown upon this, however in a general radiology setting we are happy to screen the population of patients that are sent to us and characterise the into normal, immature requiring follow up, or dysplastic requiring a formal paediatric orthopaedic opinion and an assessment by a dedicated paediatric ultrasound service.
It is a bit like obstetrics really, if there is an abnormality detected we send it for a formal assessment at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

When the tertiary level scan is performed stress tests are done.

I am not sure I want to be the one to dislocate a hip, I would rather that be done by a paediatric orthopod or sub-specialised sonographer / radiologist. Also I am not sure if our outcomes would be consistent if we are only performing them occasionally.

This methodology seems to work well.


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