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When you enjoy the vascular principles and haemodynamics webinar on the website it outlines all of these adjustments you can make when performing Doppler ultrasound.

Your question about PSV and ICA/CCA ratio is a good one and it can be answered with one small word ” or ”

It is only 2 letters but it gives you the answer.

I have attached a screenshot from the ASUM website standards of practice for carotid ultrasound.

This is the standard grading chart recommended in Australia.

If you have never checked ASUM out I highly recommend it


There is a lot of great material available.

I have the privilege of being an honorary and have had a long association with ASUM.

The word “or” in the grading chart indicates that if either the PSV or the ICA/CCA ratio criteria are met you are in that category and both are not required.

Please see attached.


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